20 Civil Education Questions and Answers 2019

Civil Education Questions

Take time to practice the below Civil Education Questions. If you are writing NECO, WAEC, etc, then you should take time to see these sure waec past questions and answers on civic education. If you like call it civic education questions for ss2,ss1,ss3, jss3 etc.

20 Civil Education Questions

These are civic education multiple choice questions for waec.

#1. An attribute of honesty is

A. tolerance
B. justice
C. compromise
D. liberty

#2. Discipline is describe as the

A. ability to show hospitality
B. state or quality of being brave
C. tendency to fight
D. ability to behave in a controlled manner

#3. The defence of the territorial integrity of a country by her people is part of?

A. political participation
B. political culture
C. self determination
D. duties and obligation

#4. An agency established by the federal government of Nigeria to protect rights of citizens is

A. center for human rights and development
B. human rights watch
C. legal aid council
D. human rights monitor

#5. The universal declaration of human rights (UDHR) was adopted by? 

A. Economic Communities of West African states (ECOWAS)
B. United Nations Organisation (UNO)
C. African Union (AU)
D. European Union (EU)

#6. The best means through which individual rights can be safeguarded is

A. knowledge acquisition
B. judicial independence
C. press censorship
D. improved standard of living

#7. The effect of queuing up in public places is?

A. orderliness
B. transparency
C. honesty
D. humility

#8. A father that effectively discharge his duty towards children could be described as?

A. philanthropist
B. celebrity
C. responsible parent
D. permissive father

#9. From the dialogue, it could be implied that uche is mindful of?

A. driving school code
B. when to use public transport
C. traffic regulations
D. his obligations as a citizen

#10. Which of the following is not a skill for settling inter-communal conflict?

A. war
B. dialogue
C. mediation
D. arbitration

#11. Which of the following skills negates the promotion of interpersonal relationship?

A. tolerance
B. selfishness
C. caring
D. kindness

#12. Which of the following is not a common way by which way by which people abuse drugs?

A. ingestion
A. intrusion
A. injection
C. inhalation

See also:

#13. A common repercussion for drug abuse is?

A. medication
B. rehabilitation
C. brain drain
D. memory loss

#14. Which of the following is a way of preventing drug traficking?

A. foreign scholarship
B. employment
C. motivation
D. indulging offenders

#15. A major consequence of human trafficking is?

A. promotion of rural-urban drift
B. decline in literacy rate
C. increase rate of youth employment
D. increased exploitation of the ignorant

#16. Human trafficking results into all of the following except?

A. prostitution
B. migration
C. criminality
D. welfarism

#17. Testing of blood before transfusion will really help to?

A. spread HIV
B. control HIV
C. eradicate HIV
D. prevent HIV

#18. One of the functions of local government is?

A. settlement of intra party crisis
B. making of bye laws
C. formulation of monetary policies
D. delimitation of constituencies

#19. In a democratic government, franchise is given to all

A. party members
B. resident adults
C. adult citizens
D. opinion leaders

#20. It could be inferred from the dialogue that democracy encourages

A. tolerance
B. development
C. job creation
D. delegated legislature


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