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If you are interested in joining a powerfully customized 2019 jamb whatsapp group, then you should join here. We have created a wonderful jamb whatsapp group which will help you:

  1. Get Study Materials
  2. Get to know your school & course mates
  3. Get Information About Jamb
  4. Study Sweet Sixteen Jamb Novel
  5. Ask any question concerning JAMB.
  6. and so much more.

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#1. Get Study Materials:

In this JAMB WhatsApp Group, you will get all the necessary materials needed before you write jamb exam. I therefore urge everyone to contribute to this matter. You do not expect one person to be sharing you the study materials. It is a share group. Please try as much as possible to corporate when you join cometoschool jamb whatsapp group.

#2. Get to Know your Course Mates:

This will be a great moment to get to know other candidates who will be studying the same course just as you. I therefore urge you to be free to share your courses in the jamb whatsapp group. Do not be stingy and reserved please. No village people are there. Just be open okay?

#3. Get Information as regards Jamb:

It is time to get updated with the latest jamb news. As You know, jamb slip reprinting is around the corner, also checking of jamb results. We will make sure that you get updated in all round information about jamb. See how to reprint jamb mock slip.

#4. Get Possible Sweet Sixteen JAMB Novel:

If you need jamb sweet Sixteen Novel, then it will be good to get up-to-date possible questions on JAMB Novel. You are also free to drop your questions and get reactions from other jamb candidates. Please, I urge you to comply to this rule. See the possible 100 sweet sixteen jamb questions here.

#5. Ask any question concerning JAMB:

Feel free to ask any questions please. Will get some admin to manage the Jamb whatsApp group for you. Questions such as I want to know how to write jamb cbt exams. How do I print original jamb result?

#6. and so much more:

If you still have anything that bothers you, then tell us. We will make sure that we guide you well to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Some of the Online CBT Exams we have includes

  1. Geography
  2. Chemistry
  3. Physics
  4. Use of English
  5. Sweet Sixteen
  6. Biology
  7. Agricultural Science

How to JOIN Our 2019 Jamb WhatsAPP Group

Simple Drop Your Phone Number in the comment box so we add you to the group.

Use this link to join:


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